April Camp NaNoWriMo 2018


The time is here again, to set goals and get to writing! Or in Fox’s case, highlighting the important bits in pages and pages of research notes from the last Camp NaNoWriMo.

Whether you are officially working towards a camp goal, or using the time in a less official capacity towards an unofficial goal, or aren’t doing any writing-related activities at all this month, we wish you good luck in your attempts.

Happy April, everyone, and we hoped you enjoyed our previous post as the 1st of April joke we intended it to be. As with all writer-related jokes, it contains a grain of truth — but how big of a grain, we’ll leave for you to decide…

All the best,

your OSEA hosts.


How to Overcome Writer’s Block, Evil Author Style.

If we knew the answer, this post would be a lot longer…

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22.) How It Ends.

[To learn what this is from, please read this previous post. This is the last entry for this project – please keep in mind it’s a first draft! And is now also being planned as a novella, not a novel.]

“Do you know what happened to Neimei?”
“No, I’ve been off the last couple days.”
“She’s gone. I heard she did a no-show yesterday.”
“Molvy must be heartbroken.”
“Vitre said Molvy gave notice.”
“Typical. Can’t even wait for the season to finish before they all flee.”

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Back Again…Probably.

Greetings, dear readers of all shapes and sizes and colors!

As you may suspect already, GeGi greatly overestimated ver ability to return to the NaNo Project once an interruption occurred. But fear not! The story will continue, and even as I bring you this hopefully welcome news, ve is plotting out ideas of how to finish the first draft.

Ve would like you all to know that while ve started this novel with an ending in mind, how to get from the current location to said ending is very much unknown at the moment. As soon as ve figures it out, ve’ll share it with all of you in the usual format here. Also, any requests or thoughts are most welcome, and please leave them in the comments on this announcement.

With that, I bid you a fond farewell…for now.

Until next time, dear readers.



A Brief Announcement.

The Project NaNoWriMo story updates will continue after a short break, while the author is saying good-bye to friends and moving back to another state for the winter.

We promise the story will finish at some point — preferably before the end of the year — but most likely it won’t be by the end of November.

There may be a few random posts here and there, or it may get back to a regular schedule with only a few missing days here and there. Either way, thank you for reading with us, and we hope to entertain you here again soon!


21.) Dmiri and Kreth.

[To learn what this is from and how to participate, please read this previous post]

Dmiri was curled into a tight ball on his bed, buried under his quilt. Ever since the power discharge ran through him, he was exhausted and his head had been throbbing; not quite a headache most of the time, it felt more like he was feeling the pulse of the earth in his temples. It wasn’t the right time of the month for him to be feeling cramps, either, but this morning he’d woken up feeling that womb-deep pain in his abdomen. The energy build-up and discharge, so sudden and without any of the careful preparations and controls he’d been taught, had wrecked his body. Nothing he wouldn’t recover from eventually, with time to rest and will to meditate to rebuild the channels for energy he’d been trained to visualize since he was small, but it would be slow progress. In the meantime he was relieved not to actively working, even if the reason for the break was awful and blamed him for something that wasn’t really his fault.

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20.) Molvy wakes.

[To learn what this is from and how to participate, please read this previous post]

Molvy’s first thought upon regaining consciousness was that she felt like death warmed over. The second was that a mouth shouldn’t feel so fuzzy. She rolled over, and felt like her stomach wouldn’t stop turning. Her skull felt like the wrong size, and was throbbing. She made an small, wordless whimpering noise.

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