Camp NaNo, Part the First.

OSEA is about to do Camp Nano April 2017.


Hello New Friends!

GeGi here. I’m excited to announce this, our first official discussion about Something That Isn’t OSEA.

Today’s topic: Camp NaNoWriMo.

image: a black with brass-colored accents typewriter with matching black octopus tentacles coming from the back and wrapping around it.

Beginning April 1st and lasting the entire month, the virtual writer’s retreat will offer incentive and support to truly focus on a creative project. We (myself and endever*) are already members of a “cabin” populated by other queer-focused writers, and we’re both planning to use the time to work on research and revisions for our current novels rather than beginning something new.

Though endever* has participated in various NaNo events many times before, this will be my first attempt at a NaNo month; for those who haven’t heard — as I hadn’t before endever* became my best-writer-friend — National Novel Writing Month is more than the simple challenge to write an entire novel during the month of November. For one thing, it also encompasses two “camps”, in April and in July, whose writing challenge is more open-ended and friendly to a wider range of projects and goals.

Despite endever*’s best efforts to convert me, I simply hadn’t been able to prioritize such an event, or the community which goes with it. All three months tend to be rather hectic ones in my non-writer life, and I always seemed to have other things I needed to focus on.

This year endever* mentioned yet again how we could sign up for Camp NaNo and use the time to work on our current individual projects, and for once something else happened when I considered it: I realized it was exactly the kind of “external” pressure and support I needed in my writer-life. I’d spent the winter hardly touching any of the work I’d been so eager to do in the autumn, and was far from reaching my goal of a finished second draft by spring. I needed incentive to stop procrastinating, and to stop feeling so guilty about being a “bad” writer. I decided Camp NaNo would be the answer, and that no matter what I’d simply make the time during my upcoming busy month.

My goal is simple: I’ll average an hour-and-a-half every day — 45 hours during the month of April — spent solely on research and revision for my current novel. Bonus time may be spent on groundwork for the sequel novel (or possibly series, I haven’t quite decided yet). I have a long list of topics to cover, and I may end up needing more time to actually get everything done for the second draft, but the habits I’ll develop during April will go a long way towards kick-starting my self-discipline and allowing me to continue diligently putting in the effort to write.

Of course, there is also a rich community aspect to any form of NaNo as well. I don’t fully know what to expect the experience to be like for me; all I have to go on are endever*’s own stories. Nevertheless, I’m excited and hopeful that it will help me to reach a new level as a writer — a place where I’m part of something bigger, where I have friends and resources and networks I hadn’t imagined before, and where I’ll be able to continue to draw from to keep telling the best evil author stories I possibly can!

That’s it from me for now, but come back in a few days when endever* will come and tell you their side of our NaNo story…

Author: Fox MacLir

any neutral pronouns; nonbinary demi-fem; autodidact geek; introvert writer; pagan punkrock pixie panarchist; occasional artist; very tattooed.

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