About The Authors

The precise date of the founding of The Octopus Society of Evil Authors is now lost to the mists of time…(or more accurately to the mists of Twitter timelines)… Nevertheless, it began with two writers encouraging each other to evil greatness via the use of octopus memes and references. (Just go with it. It doesn’t need to make sense as long as it’s fun and it works.) 

And work for them it did! They now have at least one finished novel each and counting, and are striving ever onward to becoming the very best evil authors they can be!

How did they begin this path of evil authorship, you ask? Separately, I quip, and then let the two esteemed gentlefolk speak for themselves:

  • “Historically a poet, endever* branched out into an attempt at a ya trilogy in recent years. They blame nano. In any case, they’re finding that fiction offers WAY more opportunities for evilness.”
  • Fox ( formally known as GeGi) started making up worlds/people/adventures as a child playing Let’s Pretend, and now writes some of it down, too. Fox was raised with the family motto ‘always mess with their minds’ and much encouragement to be imaginative and creative. Really, both writing and evilness was inevitable.”

Both persons identify as queer and non-binary, as you may have guessed by the use of gender neutral pronouns. If you’re unfamiliar with this concept or want to know more, please click here to be taken to a helpful list made by someone else. (Note that lists such as these are impossible to be utterly comprehensive to all the many variations in use, and as such it’s always considered polite to ask someone new about their preferred pronouns.)

Both are also committed lifelong autodidacts — which is to say, they each embrace self-directed learning, which in these cases stems from unschooling during formative years. This is displayed particularly in moments when our two esteemed evil authors are faced with something they don’t have an immediate answer to, or only possess an answer which does not satisfy them. Generally speaking, they will then dive headfirst into research and experimentation until a solution is found and shared, with plenty of cheering each other on along the way.

By sharing The Octopus Society of Evil Authors with you, they hope to bring this joy of learning and growing and playing to every aspiring, struggling, or curious writer who crosses their paths.

Let’s be evil and authorly together!