About The Society

We are tiny, evil, writerly, rainbow octopi wearing tophats.

Alternately, and perhaps more accurately, we are two friends who started O.S.E.A. as an in-joke of writerly encouragement, and loved it so much we decided to share it with the world.

Our vision for The Octopus Society of Evil Authors is to be a place where writers can encourage and support each other into being the very best at indulging their evil tendencies towards their creations and their readers. We want authors to gleefully throw every challenge and plot twist they can think of (within the reality of the story, obviously) at their rather unfortunate characters, to delight in the fact that as author they are basically gods of their creations, and to take satisfaction in every moment a reader is so caught up in everything that they can barely stand it.

We always want to be a place where the questions, challenges, and unique experience of being a writer can be discussed, where breakthroughs and ideas can happen, where we can learn from each other and talk through problems and thoughts with the passion and sympathy only other writers understand.

We are also (and this is where the rainbow part comes in) both queer, and are both invested in seeing all types, kinds, shapes, sizes, and colors of representation happen more — there can never be enough! We strive to educate; not just others, but ourselves as well. We strive to subvert and avoid stereotypes and tropes, and to break down oppressions.

We try to do this all while telling the best, most evil possible version of the story we want to tell, in the worlds we create, with the characters we’ve discovered along the way.

Learn more about us and about O.S.E.A by visiting our About The Authors page and our Introductory Post.


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